“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” 
                                                                                           ― Martha Graham

What Is Integrative Coaching?

Integrative Coaching is a customized coaching process that will help you:

* Identify the unconscious lies that are keeping you from creating the life that you are uniquely designed to live

* Re-connect with the most authentic truth of who you are

*  Develop and place creative work in the world that is rooted in your authentic strengths and gifts

* Successfully navigate life transitions (graduation, retirement, divorce, empty nest) by designing a creative path forward towards a life of meaning and purposeful fulfillment


Is Integrative Coaching Right For Me?

Integrative Coaching is designed for you if you are:


Transitioning to a new phase in your life, whether that is: 

graduation, a career change, retirement, becoming an empty nester, launching a new business or developing a new piece of creative work. 


* feeling frustrated and stuck in self-repeating patterns that are keeping you locked in a cycle of living as less than who you know you have the potential to be.


*Wrestling with placing work in the world in a way that you haven't before and are struggling with either internal oppression/self-doubt or with identifying the best way to position yourself for success.


How Does Integrative Coaching Work?

Integrative Coaching is based on the premise that the truth of who you are holds the trajectory for who you are meant to be.  We will begin by working to identify the stories that are occluding the truth of who you most authentically are.  


The second part of the Integrative Coaching process is working to re-connect you to that truth and learning to differentiate the truth from the distortion.


The third phase of the Integrative Coaching process is identifying creative work that is rooted in your most authentic self and creating a tangible path forward to placing that work in the world. 

Is Integrative Coaching Therapy?

No.  Integrative Coaching is not designed as a substitute for psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.  If you are struggling with clinical issues, I am happy to suggest qualified therapists for you to speak with.

How Long Does Integrative Coaching Take?

The length of time is entirely up to you.  We will begin with a 12 week commitment that includes meeting either in person or on-line via the Zoom platform for 60 minutes each week.  Most people choose to extend this commitment as they make progress in moving towards the creative goal(s) they've identified in our work together.

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