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Our relationships with our mothers comprise some of the most psychologically complex and intertwined dynamics of our lives. In this 10 week Studio Sessions Series, we will explore some of the archetypal feminine identities that are often repressed or ignored, but which may contain the key to genuine transformation in ourselves and in our relationships.  Some of the archetypal identities we will explore are:


- The Caged Bird

- The Muse

- The Rejected Lover

- The Bag Lady

- The Recluse

- The Revolutionary

- The Visionary


You will be encouraged to develop your own creative engagement with this material as we meet each week to explore, study and share in an on-line, small group community.

Our Mothers, Our Selves - Studio Sessions II

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  • In this 10 week on-line series of studio sessions, we will explore some of the archetypal motifs of the mother-daughter relationship and how this affects self-identity through a process of both lecture and art making. Using the book, Meeting the Madwoman, by Linda Schierse Leonard, as a key text in addition to supporting material from Jung's Collected Works, Erich Neumann's, The Great Mother and Marion Woodman's writings, each week will focus on a specific theme in both the lecture portion and the art sharing portion of the session. Each studio session will consist of a 30 minute teaching focused on that week's theme. Compliment this with the corresponding chapter in the Creative Resource Guide to illuminate your engagement with this material.