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Women have been taught that authority exists primarily outside themselves. Awakening to the reality that we are the authority of our own lives and then empowering ourselves to be all of who we are rather than some performance of who we've been told to be, is quite possibly, our greatest challenge and our biggest adventure.

About My Work

The nature of life in a technologically driven world tends to grow us away from ourselves. In order to create our best life, our best work, we must be connected to the deepest truths of who we are.  I offer highly intuitive and creative individuals a pathway towards developing and placing meaningful work in the world that is rooted in their own authenticity.

 Leader, Mentor, Teacher, Creative

I offer a body of work that empowers leaders and creatives to understand and work with the creative unconscious in order to rise above areas of internalized oppression, root into their most authentic talents and passions, and develop a path for placing those in the world in a meaningful way.

 Ways We Can Work Together

Loralee offers teaching, speaking, consulting, and mentoring to individuals and organizations who are looking for a more authentic and sustainable approach to creative innovation and deep transformation. Work with Loralee to identify what is holding you back from creating a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment.

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