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 Empowering ourselves to live into the fullness of who we are, rather than performing  from the smallness of who we've been told to be, may be the biggest challenge and the greatest adventure of our lives.

The Art of Creating a Life You Love

 Our minds are structured for meaning. We make meaning by constructing stories to give coherence to the often random experiences of both beauty and joy as well as pain and injustice.


When there is a disruption to our well-ordered world, whether it's a career change, an unexpected diagnosis, the end of a marriage, the launch of a new business, or perhaps just a realization that life as we've always done it is no longer working, it's vital that we learn to work with the unconscious stories that have been influencing the trajectory of our lives.

There is a creative wisdom in the psyche that is uniquely designed to help us move towards wholeness and growth.  Learning to recognize it, tap into it and work with it means learning to work the way a sculptor works with clay, or a visual artist with a paint palette, or a dancer works with and through their body.

Discover the Hidden Doors to Your Most Empowered Self

Changing deeply rooted patterns of dis-empowerment, requires more than a formulaic, one-size fits all, self-help strategy.  The psyche is an intricate mosaic of interwoven motifs that includes not only consciously held values and opinions, but unconscious beliefs. These unconscious stories reveal hidden doorways that invite you to cross a threshold to those parts of yourself that you may have locked away. It is often these banished parts of your authentic self that hold the keys to unlocking a fuller, more meaningful life.

 Ways We Can Work Together

I offer a variety of ways for you to work with me.  You can choose the path forward that works best with your schedule.  The first step is scheduling a complimentary 30 minute session where we can get to know each other and determine your best way forward in creating a life of meaning and fulfillment.

A few places I've spoken and taught

Loralee holds a graduate degree in inter-disciplinary studies from Goddard College, is a certified MBTI consultant with Consulting Psychologists Press, a certified Life Coach via the IAP Career College, and is an active member of the International Association of Jungian Scholars and the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies.

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